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About us

Medico Polyclinic was founded in 1991, thanks to the vision and the enthusiasm of its primarius and long-term owner, dr. Milan Blažević. At that time, it was the second private medical institution in the Republic of Croatia.

The new building of Medico Medical Centre is located in a very attractive setting of the city centre. It stretches over 2200 m2 and offers a range of services, from specialist examinations, diagnostics and medical – biochemical analyses, to one-day hospitalisation within the day hospital.
In the newly equipped Medical Centre, there are about 80 medical specialists operating within 16 medical branches. Combining the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment with a personal approach to each patient, they provide a top-quality medical service in the shortest period of time.
One of the advantages of the Polyclinic is the operating block, which is situated on the third floor and is almost entirely provided for minimally invasive procedures. The operating block, together with the day hospital, stretches over 170 m2. In addition to two operating rooms, patients have beds, as well as apartments at their disposal for up to one day.

Head of Polyclinic
doc.dr.sc.Vladimir Mozetič, dr.med. 

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