This medical branch deals with the study, diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat, head and neck.

A special, narrower speciality of this medical branch is plastic surgery of the head and neck and audiology.

At theSpecialty Hospital Medico we have a team of top-notch professionals in this area in one place. The expertise, experience and human qualities of our doctors, a detailed and individual approach to each patient with the use of modern medical equipment ensure successful treatment.

Treatment at theSpecialty Hospital Medico begins with a detailed examination and modern diagnostic procedures. After the diagnosis is made, treatment follows, which, depending on the diagnosis, can be conservative or surgical, with emphasis on minimally invasive procedures that reduce the pain and suffering of patients, shorten the time of recovery as well as the time spent in the hospital. All of this is provided thanks to our modern medical equipment and professional medical personnel.


  • Ear diseases
  • Hearing and balance disorders
  • Diseases of the nose and sinuses
  • Diseases of the mouth and throat
  • Voice and speech disorders
  • Thyroid and salivary gland diseases
  • Children’s otolaryngology

Head and neck surgery

  • Thyroid and parathyroid gland operations
  • Operations of salivary glands, tumours and neck cysts
  • Laser operations of the vocal cords and throat
  • Endoscopic nose and sinus surgery (FESS)
  • Nasal septum and nasal cavity operations
  • Tonsil operations (Laser and Coblation operations)
  • Operative treatment of snoring
  • Mole and skin tumour operations

Aesthetic and plastic surgery of the head and neck

  • Aesthetic and functional nose surgeries
  • Aesthetic surgeries of the auricles
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Eyebrow and forehead lifts (brow & forehead lift)
  • Facelift
  • Refreshing and shaping of the face and lips (Dermal fillers, Botox)
  • Scar corrections