What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are scientific procedures that are conducted to examine the effectiveness of new drugs, medical devices and therapies. They are a key step in developing more effective and quality treatments.

Specialists of the Specialty Hospital Medico conduct clinical trials with the aim of improving health care and providing patients with the latest treatments.

How are clinical trials conducted?

Clinical trials are strictly controlled studies conducted in accordance with the highest international ethical and professional standards. Patients are thoroughly informed about all aspects of the study before giving informed consent to participate. Subjects participating in clinical trials shall be entitled to the following:

  • Complete and accurate information about tested medicines or medical devices.
  • Freedom to agree to participate or not to participate in the trial.
  • The freedom to interrupt the trial at any time.
  • The safety standards and ethical guidelines that must be respected in clinical trials are very high. This is because the safety of the subjects and their well-being always comes first.

Why participate in clinical trials?

By engaging in clinical trials, patients have access to the latest therapies that are not yet available to the general public. In addition, patients contribute to medical science and help develop new medicines that will benefit future generations.

For all information about currently active clinical trials conducted at the Medico Special Hospital, please contact us at 091 226 3439 or by e-mail at ines.grzincic@medico.hr.