Clinical cytology is a specialist diagnostic activity that, based on an exhaustive analysis of the appearance of cells and their basic parts, provides a cytological diagnosis and an opinion on the complete sample, and, if necessary, gives the necessary recommendations on further procedures or treatment.

It can be applied in almost all organs and organic systems of the human body.

It is divided into two branches, aspiration and exfoliative cytology, depending on the method of obtaining cells for analysis:

Aspiration cytology – cells for analysis are obtained by puncture with a thin needle.
Exfoliative cytology – cells are spontaneously exfoliated into body fluids or swabs of cells are taken from the surface of various mucous membranes of the body.
Aspiration cytological punctures at theSpecialty Hospital Medico are performed under the control of the ultrasound. This especially applies to punctures of the breast, thyroid, lymph nodes and other organs.