Neurosurgical activity was developed primarily in the area of surgical treatment of the spine, peripheral nerve surgery and the introduction of a whole series of minimal spinal procedures for the treatment of painful conditions of the spine.

Over the past years, neurosurgery has been developing both professionally and technologically. In addition to standard neurosurgical procedures, the latest advances are the introduction of endoscopic procedures on the spine, as well as the beginning of the treatment of degenerative intervertebral disc disease with stem cells. As part of a wider scientific project, this treatment was recognized and partially financed by EU funds.

Advantages of spine treatment in the Specialty Hospital Medico

Following the motto of ​​the Specialty Hospital Medico “In one day in one place”, the goal of the neurosurgical team is to provide patients with fast processing and quality treatment. The advantages of treatment at the Specialty Hospital Medico is the availability of treatment, which primarily includes a neurosurgical examination, medical evaluation and, after defining the diagnosis, making a decision on treatment.

Two neurosurgeons with many years of experience and continuous education in the field of surgical treatment of the spine are permanently employed in the institution. The processing in our hospital begins with a reservation for an outpatient examination. For patients who need further treatment, it usually continues with magnetic resonance imaging and, if necessary, X-ray imaging. The radiology team uses a modern device to obtain high-quality image material in a short time. Often, the treatment is extended to neurophysiological treatment that is under the auspices of a team of excellent neurologists and specialized nurses at the Medico Special Hospital. When making a decision about active neurosurgical treatment, whether it is surgical treatment or a specific spinal procedure, it continues in the premises of modernly equipped operating rooms and comfortable accommodation in the hospital ward. The patient is then cared for by teams of nurses, technicians and doctors from the aforementioned units, with the possibility of laboratory (pre-operative) diagnostics in a modern medical-biotechnical laboratory, as well as the support of the anaesthesiology service of permanently employed anaesthesiologists and anesthesiology technicians who look after the patient before, during and immediately after the surgical procedure.

With the described method of organization and equipment, at the Specialty Hospital Medico we provide our patients a high-quality surgical treatment of spine diseases without much waiting time.

Surgical treatment of the spine in the Specialty Hospital Medico

Patients have at their disposal a modernly equipped operating room with a trained operating room team and comfortable accommodation in the hospital ward. The operating room is equipped with a modern operating table intended for use in operating rooms where an X-ray device is used during the procedure. The basic equipment is complemented by a new and modern X-ray device that allows the operation to be performed in a safe and controlled manner while avoiding a larger exposure of the patient to ionizing radiation. As a large number of neurosurgical procedures on the spine are performed using microsurgical techniques, the operators also have at their disposal an operating neurosurgical microscope from a leading manufacturer. Endoscopic operations on the spine are performed using the latest generation endoscopy pole and instruments. The hall is also equipped with a modern anesthesiology device as well as a room for preparing and waking up the patient.

The hospital ward is equipped with comfortable single and double-bed patient rooms. Each patient room is equipped with a bathroom, TV and air conditioning. Family members may visit the patient throughout the day with prior notice. A great advantage of treatment at theSpecialty Hospital Medico is the organization of the permanent presence of nurses and doctors (24-hour presence of doctors) during your stay in the hospital ward.

The Most Common Surgical Procedures of the Spine



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