Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a branch of surgery that deals with improving the function of a certain part of the body, which often changes a person’s external appearance.

This type of surgery has a reconstructive or aesthetic purpose. Reconstructive interventions include operations that correct physical functions, minimize or eliminate deformation caused by illness, birth defects or accidents. Aesthetic procedures have no medical purpose and are not essential for physical health, but they can certainly help in gaining self-confidence and improving the quality of life.

Aesthetics means something different and is personal to each of us, so it must be individualized and adapted to you. At the Medico Special Hospital, all stages of the surgical procedure, from preparation to results, are a pleasant experience.

You can do the entire pre-operative preparation in one day, in one place, and after the procedure you can recover in the pleasant environment of the modernly equipped surgical department.

At the Specialty Hospital Medico you can perform the following procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery: