In the Specialty Hospital Medico in Rijeka and Pula, in one day and in one place, in a safe and reliable environment, without crowds and waiting, we carefully and responsibly take care of your health.

Specialty Hospital Medico opened its door in 1991 and is the pioneer of private practice in the provision of health services in the Republic of Croatia. We started as a private outpatient clinic and evolved to a special hospital over the years, to become the regional leader in private healthcare. We have established ourselves as the leader in the introduction and application of new, state-of-the-art technologies in diagnostics and treatment. An especially strong development cycle started with the transformation of the polyclinic into a special hospital in October 2016 and continued with the opening of a business unit in Pula in 2017.

We owe our quality of services and great reputation primarily to our dedicated employees, who provide excellent integrated health services. They have many years of experience and undergo continuous training, thus acquiring new skills and competencies. More than one hundred and fifty employees, of which more than sixty are doctors, provide our patients with the best health service. The fact more than sixty thousand patients a year entrust us to take care of their health confirms this.

Today, Medico is a special hospital with integrated complete diagnostics, a polyclinic and minimally invasive surgery. Our experienced and educated medical staff cares for patients in nineteen registered activities that we perform through numerous specialties and subspecialties: medical – biochemical laboratory, cytology, radiology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology, haematology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology and venereology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, gynaecology and obstetrics, general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care, rheumatology and psychiatry.

After more than a quarter of a century of successful operations in Rijeka, Medico “crossed over” to the other side of Učka in 2017, with the aim of enabling all Istrian citizens to experience the quality of our health services. In Pula, many patients from the entire Istria have access to almost all polyclinic services, as well as part of our hospital services, through more than twenty different specialties and subspecialties with complete laboratory diagnostics.

Specialty Hospital Medico is the pioneer in the quality, safety and reliability of healthcare and a leader in international accreditations and certifications. We were the first in Croatia, back in 2017, to successfully complete the strict accreditation procedure and receive a certificate of excellence from the American Accreditation International Commission (AACI). Besides the certificate of the AACI standard, Medico is the holder of the Management System Quality Certificate EN 15224 and ISO 9001:2015, the highest standard of hospital and specialized polyclinic services.

The certificate is a guarantee of patient safety, protection of patients’ rights, quality of healthcare services, risk management and data protection. All of this is aligned with the world’s highest quality and safety standards that promote excellence as a result of continuous monitoring, measurement, analysis, corrections and corrective measures. These certificates confirm our commitment to patients, high expertise and quality of work.

Always with you, your Medico