Certificate of Excellence: Medico renewed the prestigious AACI accreditation

The accreditation is awarded by the American Accreditation Commission International, which aims to develop high standards in healthcare with a focus on patient well-being and safety.

The profession has once again confirmed what the patients of the Medico Specialty Hospital have always known: Medico offers the highest standards of clinical excellence for its patients. The renowned international accreditation organization AACI (American Accreditation Commission International) renewed the Medico Specialty Hospital’s accreditation of clinical excellence and ISO 9001 and EN 15224 certificates.

The renewal of these prestigious certificates guarantees that Medico’s patients enjoy the highest level of health care service using the latest medical technologies and treatments. In addition, the AACI certificate guarantees that all processes, from admission to the hospital to the end of treatment, comply with global medical standards of safety and quality.

More than 60,000 patients are convinced of the quality of Medico’s service every year, as they perform over 100,000 examinations and 240,000 health services at Medico. When providing services to a large number of patients, it is essential to develop systems that guarantee the safety, protection of their rights, quality of service, risk management and protection of personal data.

“We are proud that our daily commitment to excellence has a concrete confirmation, especially since these are prestigious American certificates. This is another proof that in Medico we place utmost focus on patients and the level of service we provide.

Of course we will not stop at this, we continue to invest in people, equipment, knowledge and development of the hospital,” said the director of the Medico Specialty Hospital Medico, Davor Štimac, MD, PhD.

In 2017, Medico became the first hospital in Croatia to successfully complete the strict accreditation procedure and receive the AACI certificate of excellence. In addition to the confirmation of high standards, two years later Medico also earned the EN15224 Management System Quality Certificate, the highest standard for hospital and specialized polyclinic services.

Through internal quality control systems, Medico Specialty Hospital works on continuous process improvement, patient satisfaction and clinical risk management. Almost 200 employees, who cover almost all areas of medicine, take care of patients at Medico every day.

By efficient use of resources and system optimization, the health services at Medico are organized in accordance with its slogan: “All in one day,
in one place.