Introducing BeneFIT– Medico’s new program for treatment of obesity and other eating disorders

Medico Specialty Hospital is proud to announce the introduction of BeneFIT, a program for the treatment of obesity and other eating disorders. BeneFIT is a program that provides proven and effective methods of treating obesity and other eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating, ensuring long-term results in the only correct way – comprehensive, integrated and targeted.

BeneFIT differs from traditional weight loss methods through its individualized medical approach with which each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, taking into account his specific needs, state of health and lifestyle.

Director of Medico Prof. Davor Štimac, MD, PhD, author of the book “Obesity – Clinical approach” and President of the Croatian Society of Obesity, emphasized that this approach includes a wide range of effective methods:

“I have been dealing with obesity and its causes and consequences throughout my whole career and I am glad that at Medico we have the opportunity to provide such a complete service. Upon entering one of the programs, the patient’s obesity problem or eating disorder is dealt with by a number of experts from different fields of medicine, who have a wide array of tools at their disposal, from individual diet and exercise plans to the latest injection therapies or special surgical procedures. Of course, this is acompanied by expert psychological support and continuous monitoring of the results” said Prof. Štimac and added that the multidisciplinary approach of BeneFIT implies that in addition to symptoms, doctors will deal with the root of the problem, offering patients holistic care that encompasses mental, emotional and physical health.”

At Medico Specialty Hospital, our mission is to provide excellence in every aspect of health care, and the BeneFIT program represents another step in our commitment to provide patients with the best conditions for improving their health and quality of life, in accordance with our slogan “In one day, in one place.” You can read more about the BeneFIT program for treating obesity and other eating disorders here.