WHEN IS A HEADACHE DANGEROUS? Symptoms that indicate that it is time to see a specialist

We have almost all felt a headache at least once in our lives, and it is often a consequence of various factors that do not have to be dangerous. Sometimes it serves as a warning that we are dehydrated, that we did not get enough sleep, that we should take a walk in the fresh air or give up alcohol and cigarettes. However, a headache may also signal that we need a doctor’s examination and that something is happening in our body. Namely, it is an accompanying symptom for many diseases in the head (eye, ear, throat, nose, teeth), for changes in the cervical spine or in blood pressure, for diseases of blood vessels, head injuries and tumours.

These are some signs that a headache can be potentially dangerous, if you are otherwise healthy.

1. A throbbing, sharp headache that is not relieved by the use of analgesics

A dull, severe and unbearable headache that does not go away when you take a painkiller can be a sign of illness, flu, migraine and other disorders that need to be treated.

2. Headache in only one part of the head

If only one part of your head hurts, it may be the result of an inflammatory disease. For example, if you have sinusitis, you can feel pain only in the front of the head, in the forehead and eyes.

3. A headache that you never had before, appeared suddenly and is extremely strong

If you are not prone to headaches, and you have a sudden and severe headache, definitely see a doctor. He will determine whether it is an inflammatory process, a disorder in the cervical spine or an infection that has caused the unusual pain.

4. Headache accompanied by confusion, drowsiness and balance disorder

Migraine sufferers often experience other effects besides headaches. If the pain is accompanied by general confusion, weakness and you feel like you need to lie down immediately, you may have a periodic headache that needs to be diagnosed.

5. Headache accompanied by nausea, vomiting and weakness

Nausea is another consequence of migraine, but it can also be an indicator of disease or inflammation. The doctor will test you to determine the cause of the headache, which, accompanied by these other symptoms, may be an indication of a disease.

6. A headache that makes your daily life difficult and changes your mood

If you have a headache for a long time or a severe headache, such a condition makes life difficult for you because you become irritable, exhausted, sad and unwilling to engage in ordinary daily activities. It is important to react and go for an examination in order to take control of the situation and your health. It is possible these are curable disorders in hormones that need to be regulated.

7. The headache you experience after a head injury

A head injury can occur in everyday situations and it is important to react if you feel pain, dizziness and nausea after such an injury. If, for example, something fell on your head or you hit yourself, you may have a milder concussion. That’s why it is important to go to the doctor and describe where you hit yourself and what symptoms you have been experiencing since then. A seemingly harmless situation can be dangerous if you do not respond to the signals sent by the pain of the impact.

Diagnosis by a specialist is key to successful treatment. In addition to reducing your quality of life, a headache can be a sign that you are suffering from something or that you need a change in your lifestyle habits. For the successful treatment of a severe and recurring headache that lasts for a while, it is necessary to visit a specialist doctor who will determine whether you need additional tests.

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