About Specialty hospital Medico

Specialty Hospital Medico - a regional leader for private healthcare

Situated in the picturesque Croatian port city of Rijeka lies Specialty Hospital Medico, a
regional leader for private healthcare. With over 102 employees, including 50 distinguished
physicians, the hospital provides top quality health care to patients across 24 specialised
medical areas including Orthopedics, Spinal surgery, Urology, Ophthalmology, Throat and
nose surgery, Vascular surgery, General and Abdominal surgery & Plastic surgery.

Importantly, it is the only private hospital in Croatia offering fully integrated diagnostics and minimally invasive surgical procedures. From initial consultations and diagnostic tests to surgical procedures and post-procedural assessments, complete medical services can be performed in as little as two to three hours and all under one room. Since the very beginning, the hospital has been at the vanguard of cutting-edge medical technology and procedures, a tradition it has remained faithful to in its 25-year history. As a result of continued investment, Medico still stands as a truly modern healthcare facility that boasts some of the most advanced and accurate diagnostic and therapeutic infrastructure available. Their state of the art, city centre based premises measures a total of 2.000 m², spread across three floors. The first floor houses a relaxing reception area, radiology department complete with MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound and mammography facilities and a biochemistry laboratory capable of performing over a hundred different examinations of general and specialized medical biochemistry. On the second floor there are 14 specialised clinics that open daily from 7am until 9pm. While the third floor hosts the main hospital department, which includes a modern operating theatre with two operation rooms, a post-operative monitoring unit (POMU) and comfortable private patient rooms for recovery and treatment purposes. Medico’s personalised approach to patient care is assured through specialist, individual quality centres such as the Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures (spinal, urological, gynaecological and abdominal), the Breast Centre, the Centre for Women’s Health, the Centre for Health and Beauty, the Centre for Vein Care, the Sleep Disorders Centre and the Laser Medical Centre. In addition to the finest medical expertise, Medico has ascertained and certified business acumen, having performed well in foreign markets and attracted patients from all over the world. The hospital has operated according to the highest standards possible, in line with the ISO quality system since 2001, and the Temos Certificate “Quality in International Patient Care“ since 2013.
Yet Medico’s main mission is to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong proactive health care, especially through regular preventive health check-ups that the hospital is renowned for. Taking into consideration convenience and practicality, one of the biggest advantages the team here offers is a truly comprehensive check-up that can be carried out in just one day and in one convenient location.